Friday, January 30, 2009

Astrologically it's a revolutionary time right now. With global strikes, falling of governments you don't have to look far.

I came across this while shuffling through some papers this morning.

"We need to balance ourselves daily so the collective fear will not infect us."

Wrote last night, felt like a shedding. Anyone else feeling charged?

All i want to do is breath
not hold a thought
so that it can buy me bread

get your slogans, goals, combs
out of my head

we're all sick
and still craving a balm
the options exhausted

until there's no more space
for another wasted scheme

why can't colours matter as
much as marriage?

why can't we all agree
heaven's out on the grass

why can't we be quiet
until we finally hear
how loudly our world turns?

can't riding the keys on the scale
be the same as barbados in the sun?

i refuse to believe
this is as far as we've come

i refuse all the chains you
hid in your box

even though you've chained
my parents, lovers
i won't tend your crops

drift your priced, overspelled
clouds away from me

i know i'm the goddess
you can't bear to see

i can wear your clothes
but they've never fit right

my truth is bare
no extra stiches needed
i've always been made right


we are creative intelligence
that's all there is

expression's stuffed
wrapped, seperated, exalted
underfunded, compacted

but how can your out breath
be more than mine?

we're standing in the same room
breathing in the same air?

bulldozed or free
condos built up on fertile land
or a harvest for all

what did we agree?
well just look out and see


i dive into my own seed
incubate my baby preborn
sing lullabies true from my heart

pour tears of dew on his hair
so he awakens to greet
the light i shed for him
and again
and forever


Thursday, January 29, 2009

the gift of home

i rested behind the heart
to hear the steady
drum call flickering
in the fire

i submerged into the
gushing torrential flow
swept into the depths
of our common blood

i sat in ancient caves
bones still and strong
home for wanderers
painted shadows on the walls

i shivered to the shreiking voice
of the cells singing
the truth in a never ending
song of praise

i connected to the source
made love to this form
so real, simple and true

Sunday, January 25, 2009

as of late i've been stalking my dreams like a hungry lion
quite the teacher
i will post absurd snippets of what comes up in the fertile night
so may our dreams come true!


randon dream no. 1
according to scientific research if you tell a mouse the time it will be more productive
however, if the mouse does not know the time it will wander about

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I say onto you my child
your time will come
as feathers fall from the sky
so will my Grace descend and embrace you
as a Mother holds her new born child
for the first time

Your Golden Glory awaits
for there is no other who walks your path
many will proclaim the glory
but no other has walked among them
and endured the ravages of Darkness as you

You have stood the test of time
and salvation is at hand
for I say onto you my sweet child
we are truly ONE

from our Divine Mother

again posted by George Kavassilas

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

For the night has been long
and the shadows still dance
with an increase in vigour
as your Soul proclaims its presence
in the Eternal Everafter

You now establish yourself in the Ring of Fire
its pathway burns as the the Polar Caps melt
freedom is the call
the sound that reverberates from the Soul to the Ego
embrace your Ego's service with appreciation
and be eternally grateful
for you now do unto your Ego as I do to the Poles

Liberation and Fortitude
your sovereignty celebrates its new found Song
for I am the pathway,
the doorway and the Light

Soon you will despair no more
for you may say
I Am and I am Home
for we are Truly One

From Our Divine Father

posted by George Kavassilas

Monday, January 05, 2009

the spaces between are closing

mathematical equivalent of wisdom= recursive equation

2 * 2 = 4
2 * 4 = 8
4 * 8 = 32
8 * 32 = 256
32 * 256 = 8192

using the experience of the past in the present
to keep growing in wisdom

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Earth is not an island

came up in meditation....thought i'd share

Happy New Year everyone
hope that love, joy and peace continue to unravel magically and mysteriously