Thursday, September 17, 2009

attention put here
the road trip's chronicles and inspirations

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

in asheville, north carolina
a mountain town, full of organics, where the voice of nature has dominated the radiowaves.
natural food, jewelry, music of truth, justice and movement.
groundation, the spiritual roots reggae band is here too. powerful, inspiring show.
they're heading across the states too, check out a beautiful soul.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

in philadelphia right now. coming out of new england. making and selling jewelry is the means, touching and expanding is the ends.
3 weeks of exploring, brought a week of rest, and now we're around again, day 14. wandering shakes the old patterns, old ways, dialogues, misconceptions, stereotypes. seeing and experiencing whatever comes our way. moving with the wind, at times pressing against it until we readjust our sails. side kick is a man- international, deep and true, beautiful through and through.

finished making breakfast under a fig tree on cherry street in the parking lot of an italian restaurant. set up our table, spread it with an omelet and oatmeal. "hey, what smells so good?" asked the passerby, a construction man. tess, a young girl, plays soccer on the street. ernesto joins her after breakfast, we talk about the car, our new possibilities for a place to set up and sell. south street is the prerogative.
tess comes and warns us to be discrete.
we're on for another day, surprises await.